A review of Lifeasmom.com


The blog mylifeasmom.com serves to help busy moms preserve their tranquility and peace of mind by suggesting resources and outlets for a more balanced life.

Lifeasmom.com can be very influential for busy moms who:

  • Look for healthy, easy recipes to feed their families
  • Want to find inexpensive alternatives for buying clothes and food
  • Want t converse with other women/moms

For instance, the blog has an entire section of healthy, seasonal recipes that are both easy to make and good for you.

There is also another section that is dedicated to book clubs that the busy mom can participate in. This part of the blog allows readers to join together and comment on their discoveries in the text.

The authors of Lifeasmom.com use very neutral, calm tones in the layout. This accompanies the crazy lives of their audience because the site is meant to be a “safe haven” of sorts. The idea is for women to come to this blog and unwind.

The tone in which the writers of the blog use is very conversational. Many words are written in “cute” swirly letters and in a creative and easily applicable language. Headlines such as “Buy or DIY,” highlight posts that are meant to help busy moms increase their qualities of life.

Being that it is fall, I feel that the writers should feature a post that is all about making your own Halloween costumes. This is an easy way for parents who are on a tight budget to make the best out of the holiday.

I think the writers should also post about easy, safe ways to carve pumpkins. I think the site should include appliques that the audience could download and print.

I also think it would be interesting to look ahead to November and include recipes that would allow a family to have an “all vegan thanksgiving dinner.”

Busymomsblog.org is definitely competition for this blog. However, mylifeasmom.com has a much more interesting layout.

It appears that the writer of busymomsblog.org doesn’t put as much time into the layout of her content because there are many colors that clash, for instance the banner color is florescent purple, and the background is a pale pink color.

Another competitive site is chicbusymom.blogpost.com. This blog is full of fashion and interior design ideas. It is comparable with mylifeasmom.com because the layout of the site is very well done, and you can tell that the writer has the clear cut intention of bringing “chicness” back into motherhood.

However, chicbusymom.blogspot.com could use more pictures and creative fonts.

Stuftmama.com is similar to lifeasmom.com because it is also dedicated to healthy living and eating. The layout is also very tranquil with its light blue theme.

I like that the writer of stuftmama.com includes many of her own personal stories. She writes about the daily frustrations of trying to stay fit and dealing with her children. I think lifeasmom.com would be making a wise decision of the chose to do something like this as well.


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